Fibre Optic Strippers

Fiber Optic Stripper, for stripping 250 micron buffer coating from 125 micron optical fiber.

Precision diameter hoe and V opening in blade allow for accurate buffer coating removal

Part Number - 80355

Length - 136.53mm

Weight - 71g

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FO-103S Fiber Optic Stripper
Product code: 80315
More information

Adjustable Wire Stripper
Strips and cuts, insulated wire sizes from 0.65mm to 2.6mm
Can adjustment

Part number 80315

KS-1 Kevlar Shears
Product code: 80671
More information

Light weight shears, used to cut Kevlar strength members found in Fibre cables

MSAT 5, Mid-span access tool
Product code: 80930
More information

Tool allows, easy mis-span access to optical fibers in loose buffer tubes, size 1.9mm to 3.0mm

precise opening to prevent Fibre damage

sizing channels easily identifies tube size

locking mechanism

Part number: 80930

Replacement blade Part number: 80935 ( 5 blades and 2 screws )

Product code: ACS
More information

Armourted cable slitter,  designed for slitting the corrugted copper, steel or aluminium armour layer on Fiber feeder, Central tube, Stranded loose tube Fiber Optic cables, and other armoured cables.

Design allows Jacket or Shield slitting on non-Fiber Optic cable as well

Tool slits outer polyethylene jacket and armour in one operation. Performs longitudinal slitting and circumferential ( ringing ) for end stripping

ACS is adjustable 8mm to 28.6mm cable OD. Part number:37880

ACS-2 is adjustable from 4mm to 10mm cable OD. Part number:37897

ACS-K, kit includes, ACS tool ( part number prt number 37880 ) and a red cable guide wheel kit ( part number 37896 ) for smaller OD cables. Part number 37899

MK02 / MK02M Cable strippers
Product code: cable stripper
More information

Cble strippers for outer jackets and insulations from, 4.5mm - 28.5mm OD

Stripping action is bothe circumferential and longitudinal for the removal of insulation section and the end or mid span of wires ( does not provide a spiral cutting feature )

Adjustable depth up to 3mm

Spherical bade for softer insulation is standard, chisal point blade for harder coverings is optional

MK02 has a handy spring loaded hook ripping blade at base of tool to facilitate insulation removal

Part number: 39390.

MK02M, same tool as MK02, minus the spring loaded hook ripping blade. Part number:39490.

Replacement blade for both tools:

Set of 5, Spherical cutting blade, Part number : 39391.

Set of 5, Chisel point blade: Part number: 39392.



FCCT-250 / FCCT-125 Connector/Adaptor cleaners
Product code: Cleaner

The FCCT cleaner series, use a mechanical dry cleaning design that provides fast and reliable cleaning to both fiber connectors and adaptors.

Cleaner provides 360 degree cleaning coverage with 800 + cleanings

Aotumatic feed provides a fresh section of lint free fabric after each use

Dust cover

Window indicator allows user to review remaining cleaning fabric

One single forward  push action engages the cleaner with an audible " CLICK " indicating that the cleaner is properly seated and cleaning is complete

FCCT-250 designed for cleaning, FC, SC and ST connectors and adaptors. Part number : 81592.

FCCT-125, designed for cleaning LC and MU connectors and adaptors. Part number: 81591.

FO 103-D-J/FO and FO 103-D-250
Product code: Duel Hole
More information

Two tools with the same quality as the FO-103-S, but with a second hole

FO 103-D-J, second hole for stripping 1.6mm - 3.0mm Fiber jackets and standard 125 micron fibre stripping ( 250 micron removal to 125 micron ). Part number: 80676

FO 103-D-250, second hole for stripping 900 micron tight buffer down to 250 micron buffer coating and standard 125 micron fiber stripping ( 250 micron removal 125 micron ). Allows longer stripping lengths without damaging the fiber. Part number : 80675




FO-CF-Fiber optic center feed stripper
Product code: FO-CF
More information

New from Ripley, fiber stripper with center feed design, allows for longitudinal fiber stripping. Fiber is fully supported in the stripping process of 900 micron buffer coating to 250 micron ans standrd 250 micron coating to 125 micron stripping.

Side mounted stripper blades provide convenient stripping of 1.6mm to 3mm cable jackets

built in measuring facility, inches and mm, upto 2 3/4 inches, 70mm

Factory set

Cleaning brush attached

polymer tol case included

Part number: 81400

Replacement brush Part number:81410

FTS Series - Fiber tube scorers
Product code: FTS
More information

A precise one step Buffer tube scorer, fixed hardened carbon steel blade

Three types:

FTS-005 ( RED ), upto 2mm buffer tube size, wall thickness 0.17mm - 0.28mm. Part number:80990

FTS ( YELLOW ), 1.6mm - 6mm buffer tube size, wall thickness 0.25mm - 0.4mm. Part number 80980

FTS-035 ( BLUE ), 1.6mm - 6mm buffer tube size, wall thickness 1.0mm - 1.3mm. Part number 80985

Fibre Optic polishing kit
Product code: PK2000
More information

Complete polishing kit inclues the following items:

1 off Clear Lexan polishing plate,  Length 365mm x Width 229mm x Thickness 6mm Part number 46163

1 off Neoprene polishing pad, Part number: 46165 

1 off, Universal plastic polishing puck, diameter 38mm,  Part number: 46167

1 off, 2.5mm Stainless steel polishing puck, diameter 38mm,  Part number: 46169

10 off, 5 micron Aluminium oxide polishing film, white,  76mm x 152mm, Part number: 46273

10 off, 3 micron, Aluminium oxide polishing film, yellow, 76mm x 152mm, Part number: 46275

10 off, 12 micron, Aluminium oxide polishing film, red, 76mm x 152mm, Part number: 46274

25 off, Lint free cleaning wipes, 76mm x 101mm, Part number: 46143

10 off, Pre saturted bifurcation swipes, 108mm, Part number: 46161


Polishing kit, Part number:46277




FOPD-25, FOPD-LC, FS800 and FS900 Polishing discs
Product code: Polishing disc
More information

FOPD-25, High quality, stainless steel, hand polishing disc for fibre optic connectors

Universal design fits most 2.5mm ferrule connectors, including ST, SC and FC, Diameter 49.2mm

Part number: 80688

FOPD-LC, Aluminium disc, for 1.25mm ferrule LC connectors. Part number: 80754

FS800, 1.5 inch diameter plastic polishing disc, for most 2.5mm ST, SC and FC connectors.

Part number 46167

FS900, Stainless steel, 1.5 inch diameter disc for 2.5mm connectors. Part number: 46169


FO 103-T-250-J Tri-hole stripper
Product code: tri hole
More information

Tri-hole  model performs all common fiber stripping functions in one tool

Removal of 1.6mm to 3mm fiber jackets

Remove 900 micron tight buffer to 250 micron buffer coating

Standard 250 to 125 micron stripping

Part number : 80677

Also available in the tri-hole, range FO 103-T-400-250 stripper for 400 micron coated PM fiber. Part number: 80740


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